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Talbot Express 2.5 Diesel BOSS for Camshaft - NEW - Peugeot J5 + Citroen C25 + TURBO's


TALBOT EXPRESS 2.5 Diesel BOSS for Camshaft

This is a brand new part that fits with splines to the camshaft to put drive through to the double 'V' pulley.

Why would you need it?

Well it can work loose and in doing so wears the splines off, resulting in lack of drive going to

(A) The water pump and then on to the alternator and vac pump and that then effects the brakes also the abelite to charge the battery!

This CAM BOSS also Fits:-

Peugeot J5 nat & Turbo Diesel.

Citroen C25 nat & Turbo Diesel.


Second hand ones have all but dried up and if you are lucky and find one it is most lightly showingthe signs of wear in the splines.

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